Our Samurai Kids Wrestling classes are designed to be a Fun and Exciting opportunity for children to meet new people, have fun and of course get a great workout that will keep them Healthy and Fit. The wrestling taught in these classes may not be the same type of wrestling that many parents assume when they hear the word wrestling like WWF or WWE.

By definition, Wrestling is a sport where two opponents engage in a hand to hand struggle as they try to pin or press the other person’s shoulders to the ground. Wrestling is not all out fighting and while it is a high contact sport it doesn’t involve punching, hitting or violent moves like other fighting forms.

Our program will provide your child with an opportunity to learn the art of wrestling for self defense purposes or competition. There a lot of kids in our program that love to come to class just for the fun and the great workout that the training provides along with all the friends that they make. Our program also has those students that like to compete and travel the state of Texas to test themselves against the best out there.

Our program starts students out as early as 7 years old all the way up to junior high school. A good portion of the Samurai Wrestling Club Kids that decide to join a high school wrestling program when they get older do very well and the percentages of making the team are higher because of the skill and mind set they get at the Samurai Wrestling program.

Classes are about 1 hour and 15 minutes long which include a 15 minute warm up, 30 minutes of drilling techniques and 30 minutes of live wrestling. Warm ups, drilling and workouts change form week to week to help the kids in the program stay excited to come to class and get the Best out of their training. Our classes are designed to push each and every student past their limits to bring the Best out of them whether they are a competitor or not. Being in an atmosphere where everyone is working hard and trying to improve, allows the chances for growth in all areas to much be higher.

Benefits of the Samurai Wrestling Club:

There are many parents who are looking to find out more about the benefits associated with kids wrestling classes. First, the most obvious benefit is that kids are able to get a great amount of Physical Exercise, which is something that is very important for young people and something that many kids are Not getting enough of. Kids will also have the benefit of being able to be around others their age in an environment that allows them to form New Friendships and make new relationships with their peers.

What skills do kids learn from Samurai Wrestling Club?

While taking part in the Samurai Wrestling Club classes, many kids will learn important skills such as Self Discipline, Respect, Hard Work the importance of being able to handle Winning and Losing and learning how to be a Good Sport. Kids will also get a great Confidence Boost as they learn new skills and learn to defend themselves.

Is Samurai Wrestling Club violent?

There are many parents who worry that wrestling is too violent. However, wrestling doesn’t involve things like kicking or punching, and the majority of wrestling classes for young people emphasize Self Defense and being able to use your own athletic skills to pin another person’s shoulders to the ground. Kids learn how to Respect each other by shaking hands before and after each match whether someone won or lost, which teaches kids in the program great Sportsmanship and Respect.

Students in our Wrestling program also take the opportunity to add our Jiu Jitsu Arlington TX program to their arsenal. Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu Arlington TX go hand in hand with each other because some techniques are very similar and both are ground fighting arts. Competitors in both arts create a great base and balance. In both arts whether Wrestling or Jiu Jitsu, opponents shake hands and go for takedowns to score 2 points when the whistle blows.

Our Wrestling program unlike others in the Arlington, TX area are only seasonal where competitors go months without wrestling until the season starts up again. Our Wrestling program is Year Round to keep our students sharp because Champions are built in the Off Season.

So if you are looking for a great wrestling program that will provide your child with a great workout, instill healthy eating habits, be encouraged to get nothing but A’s and B’s in school and the get the benefits keeping of your child wrestling with some of the best wrestlers in the area in the Off Season, then Call Now at 817-308-0663 or fill out our 30 DAY FREE TRIAL form to start your child on the path to doing and achieving great things On and Off the Mat!